Northern Night Package

SEASON: 1st December - 30 April
Duration: 2 Days

With our Northern Night package, we wish to show you the best an evening and night in the Arctic can offer you. Not only do you get to explore the Arctic wilderness with our sled dogs, you’ll get to spend a night like no other in one of our overnight accommodations. Spend the evening as a musher and relax in surroundings close to nature. It’s almost like being up in the mountains, just with a much more comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast the next day. Perhaps you’ll even get to see the northern lights?

Our Northern Night package includes:

  • Transport to/from Alta city centre
  • Thermal suit, hat, gloves and boots
  • Instructions in how to handle and steer the dog sled
  • Approximately 60 minute long dog sled ride through the Arctic forest and along the Alta river (including a mid-way switch of driver/passenger for those who are interested)
  • Dog cuddling at the end of the trip
  • Hot drinks and snacks, storytelling and puppies around the crackling fire in our big traditional Sami lavvo
  • 2-course evening lodge meal at 20 o’clockSauna and/or outdoor jacuzzi
  • Overnight stay in our accommodations:
  • Tipi Bungalow
  • Breakfast

Season: 01. December - 30. April

Price per person: Adult (Single Occupancy)  3500 NOK

Adults: (Double Occupancy) 3290 NOK

Children: 1645 NOK

Duration: 2 days

Please bring: sunglasses, woollen underwear (preferably 100% wool), wool/fleece sweater, camera


The weather CAN become extreme in this part of the world. Holmen Husky Lodge reserves the right to change the itinerary or cancel the tour if the weather conditions appear unsafe.

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Guest Stories

From Our Tripadvisor REviews

Absolutely brilliant night

The one night we spent in a Sami tent, was the best night we had in the whole of our trip to Norway cruising the length of the coastline. Lovely and toasty warm both in the tent and from the staff. Northern Lights and countless stars - what more you ask for! We also did a husky dog sled with you which too was the tops! There is nothing better!!!

- Keith

Amazing stay at Holmen

We had an incredible nights stay at Holmen Husky Lodge - the only downside was that we had to leave! The lodge is very well kept, from the shared lodge areas for socialising or reading a book, to the tipis which are amazing and have views to the night sky. The staff were fantastic (special mention to Bram, Lily and owner Eric for being so friendly and hospitable). We did a husky ride (incredible) and then saw some amazing northern lights that evening. We also had a few days in Tromsø and wished that we had skipped it for more time in Alta! Finally the huskies - so friendly and beautiful!! An absolute highlight of our trip and we’ll definitely be coming back for a snow sledding weekend!! Thanks guys!

- Phil

A husky lodge with cozy vibe in -20 degrees arctic

Apart from the northern lights Alta also has a few Husky lodges that I definitely recommend spending a night at. The Holmen Husky Lodge is just 15mins from Alta city center, just quite perfect to fit in a night for some arctic adventure. We got picked up from our hotel in the afternoon, and with a short car ride we were there with 96 huskies all howling and ready to go for a run! The dog sledding definitely lasted longer than we expected (which was great), although we had quite a horrific start as we completely had no idea how to drive the sled even if the manager had demonstrated once as these huskies are all eager to run and with less energy you can easily let them drag your sled into the deep woods! Luckily there was quick a clear track left on the snow so it’s actually fine as long as the lead dogs were running on the right track. During the ride the wind was brutal but the sceneries under the clear sky was something that you just wouldn’t see in the city. After a fun and freezing ride, we were led to a tipi with a big wood fire to warm ourselves up while the staff told us some stories about this Lodge. It’s great to know how they train up the huskies from young age, their diet, how they are paired up for runs etc. Our tipi sat not far away from the huskies homes, inside the tipi there are comfortable beds and electronic blankets, but first thing first once you get into the tipi - light a fire! It could be chilly even indoors in winter. There are enough woods for you to keep the fire going throughout the night. After everyone had settled in and rested, dinner was served in the main lodge - I love this part of the lodge as it was so cozy: a big table next to the open kitchen, the staff would make fresh bread while the chef prepared our two course dinner. Next door there is the living room with a few big comfortable couches with thick warm carpet. Both courses were very good! We had moose with vegetables in cream source (moose perfectly cooked) and Panna Cotta for dessert. There is also a North Room in the lodge - great for those who like company of some howling huskies while waiting for some Northern Lights to secretly show in the middle of the night. After much exercise of the day you can also submerge yourself into the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna before bed. The following morning we geared up to leave the warm tipi, went for a shower and were served breakfast, you got some fresh eggs of your choice, cold cuts and bread before departure. Check out was at around 10am and you got dropped back at the Alta city center. The Husky Lodge experience was definitely a highlight of our Arctic journey. It’s awesome to get close to these arctic runners and have a taste of their unstoppable speed!

-  Bonnie

Unforgettable stay at Holmen Husky Lodge

I stayed here with a couple of friends, and it is undoubtedly one of the best experiences I've had. All the staff at the Lodge were wonderful, friendly, and helpful (particularly Lilly from Australia). The passion and love they have for the dogs is really evident in everything they do and how the place is run. I've seen husky sledding at other resorts in Norway, but this is definitely the best. This isn't just a tourist set-up to make money, these guys love the dogs and are passionate about what they do, which really makes a difference! The groups going out dog-sledding are small and intimate, allowing you to have a real hands-on experience with the dogs and amazing trips out into the snowy landscape. We did both the night ride and the day ride which I highly recommend (once just isn't enough). Staying at the tipis was a really unique experience (but it can get cold if you don't keep stoking your fire!). Amenities were great - the restaurant, jacuzzi, tipis, communal lounge (unlimited hot chocolates and coffees were much appreciated!!!). It all was fabulous and I would definitely come again.

-  Tom

Highlight of our trip

Can't rate this experience highly enough. The staff were wonderful, the interaction with the dogs amazing and the opportunity to dog sled was out of this world ! Ten out of ten for a fabulous operation!! (Accommodation also very comfortable and warm)

Our stay with Holmen husky was the absolute highlight of our European holiday. We did the northern lights package, which includes a dog sledding trip, meals and a night in a tipi. Our guides were fantastic and the dogs are such a treat to be with. The staff at Holmen care for the animals and the dogs welfare is top priority at all times. We were sad to leave but will hopefully be back. Thanks for an amazing experience Holmen! 10/10

-  Cassholl

What an experience!!!!

My fiance and I spent two lovely nights at Holman, just before Christmas. We stayed in one of the tipis. The staff was polite and knowledgeable and all the dogs were very friendly. The tipi was clean, but just includes the bed and a wood burning furnace. If you're staying during the winter, you'll need that furnace burning all night. The mattress does have a his&hers heater on it, which helps a lot. But expect to get up at least once during the night to fire up the furnace again. There are heated outhouses close to the tipis that were clean the whole time we were there. No running water in them. The bathhouse is a little further away, but is super clean and new. Restrooms and showers as well as a sitting and storage room. The lodge provides a solid breakfast and dinner, but no lunch. If you're staying more than one night, prepare to catch a cab into Alta and eat lunch (about 250NOK to city center). The majority of the property has WiFi. We stayed in the tipi furthest down, and though the signal was a little weak, it worked the whole time we were there. Super fast internet in the lodge. The actual dog sledding was awesome! We wanted to go a second time! The sledding is OK for older children, but I wouldn't bring younger children for an overnight visit. It's closer to "glamping" than a normal hotel. All in all, super romantic and truly an experience we will never forget. We will tell our friends.
Our stay with Holmen husky was the absolute highlight of our European holiday. We did the northern lights package, which includes a dog sledding trip, meals and a night in a tipi. Our guides were fantastic and the dogs are such a treat to be with. The staff at Holmen care for the animals and the dogs welfare is top priority at all times. We were sad to leave but will hopefully be back. Thanks for an amazing experience Holmen! 10/10

-  Bill