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What kind of clothing should we bring for the dogsledding trips?

A basic layer of wool underwear (100% is the best), a good fleece or wool sweater, a pair of wool socks and a winter jacket is all you need! We will provide you with a proper winter suit, mittens, hat, boots and if necessary also a headlamp / head torch. We do not offer any shoes below the EU size 36. Kids should therefor bring their own winter shoes.

What is the weather like / at the moment?

Check the weather in Alta on: www.yr.no

What kind of equipment is good to bring along for the weekend- and 6-day trips?

- Sun glasses 
- Sun cream 
- Thermos 
- Small backpack 
- Wool underwear (100% wool is the best) 
- Wool- or fleece sweather
- Wool socks  
- Spare clothing 
- Headlamp / Head Torch 
- Camera
- Bathing suit when use of the sauna / outdoor jacuzzi is desired

How are the Northern Lights when we are visiting Alta?

Alta is called the City of the Northern Lights for a reason and there is a high probability of seeing them. The Northern Light season runs from the middle of September to middle of April. To increase the change of seeing them we advise people who are staying for a short period of time to join a Northern Light Tour/Safari.

Can we see the Northern Lights from the lodge?

Our lodge is situated perfectly outside the city centre. With clear skies, it is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights.

Do we find a toilet and or shower in the Tipi Bungalows?

Our bungalows don`t come with a toilet and or shower. You will find a small building with a toilet within 25 meters from your bungalow. We also have a separate bathhouse where you will find showers, toilets and a lounge.

What should we bring for the overnight stay?

If use of the outdoor jacuzzi is desired, a bathing suit is advised.

When do you offer dogsledding.

Dogsledding is offered from the first day we have enough snow to use the sleds. This normally means from the end of November / beginning of December. From September, we offer trips with our dogcarts. These special made vehicles for training our dogs are used until we have enough snow to sled.

Do we find any cooking facilities at the lodge?

We do not offer our guests the possibility to prepare their own food in our lodge. If requested our guests may use an outdoor open fire space to BBQ or prepare some easy food.

What kind of other activities can we do or organize for you?

We can book the following activities for you through our collaboration partners; Northern Light safaries / tours / hunts, snowmobiling, icefishing, snowshoeing, fatbike tours, Sami experiences and Reindeer sledding.

Can we buy dinner and or lunch at the lodge?

We provide both lunch and dinner to our guests, however this has to be pre-booked at least one day in advance (if not included in an overnight package).

Can you provide allergy friendly food or vegetarian food?

Yes! Information about any type of food allergy and or information about what type of vegetarian we have to receive in advance.

Is there an age or weight limit?

There is no age or weight limit to sit on the sled, however it is at the discretion of your guide to decide whether you can drive the sled safely. Please respect their decision as we are working with animals. If you consider yourself to be unfit or of size, please inform Holmen Husky prior to arrival, as extra guides may need to be sourced.

Do we need any form of special insurance to participate in any dog related trips?

Yes, a basic travel insurance is required / needed.

What are the requirements for driving a sled?

Normally we say anyone over 16, however discuss this with your guide on the day. As you will be driving the sled, you must have a reasonable level of fitness and your guide will decide if you can operate the sled safely.

Can we pre-book our trip?

Yes, you can book your trip directly through our website.