There is so much to do in Alta

Northern Lights

& Other Activities

For our guests we are pleased to help and book other activities through our collaboration partners.

Northern Light Safari

Middle of September to middle of April

Even if our lodge is situated in a perfect spot to admire the Northern Lights, participating in a Northern Light Safari would significantly increase the change of seeing it. 

Here we “hunt” for the Northern Lights by using minivan`s. We tell you all about the Northern Lights while finding the best spots for looking at this natural wonder.

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Riverboat Adventure

1st of June until 15. of august

Suitable for the whole family, this trip will take you upstream the famous Alta River. 

The Alta river is known for its good Salmon fishing in the summer as well as running through Northern Europe`s largest canyon.

Join a trip and listen to the stories around the River and enjoy the nature and wildlife surrounding.

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Snowmobile Safari

19th of December – 15th of April

Experience the Arctic on another way than using sleds pulled by dogs. Experience the joy and the thrill of steering your own snowmobile. 

The experienced guides will introduce you to snowmobiling in a safe environment. Here you have the option to choose among several trips.

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Reindeer sledding and Sami Culture

18th December – 20th of March

A Sami family will guide you along through unforgettable events that highlight their past and present future. 

You will meet reindeer, feel the scenery from the sled, and hear stories of the old days, and the special singing that is a cornerstone of the Sami Culture. 

In the evening the trip will be extended when we try to look for the Northern Lights.

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