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4-Day Experience


Experience the life of a dog musher up in the mountain and get some of the best experiences Alta has to offer – all in one package.

Available starting days:

  • 21/3
  • 24/3
  • 30/3

Day 1

On the first day you will do a bit of everything. Upon arrival you’ll meet your guides, get your room, clothes and equipment. Shortly after we will go on our first dog sled tour and get a feel of what it’s like to drive the sled with the huskies at the front. After the tour you’ll have dinner, as well as the opportunity to visit the sauna and the jacuzzi.


  • Equipment handout: Thermal suit, hat, gloves and boots  
  • Safety brief
  • Approximately one-hour self-drive dog sled tour (depending on the weather conditions)
  • 2 people per sled
  • 2-Course dinner at the Holmen Barn
  • Jacuzzi & sauna

Day 2

On the second day we’ll head out to the mountain lodge. We’ll start the day in the dog yard, where we’ll assign you a dog team and let you know how the day is going to pan out. The day’s objective is to get across the mountain plateau, park the dogs and check in at our mountain lodge accommodations.

  • Breakfast, assigning teams and receiving information and preparing and packing lunch  
  • Transport to the foot of the mountain
  • Harness and prepare a dog team
  • 30 km dog sled tour on the Finnmark Mountain Plateau (time depends on the weather conditions)
  • Parking and feeding the dogs
  • Lunch around a bonfire  
  • Check in at the mountain lodge
  • Dinner

Day 3

On the third day we will make our way back home across the mountain plateau. We’ll return to Holmen Husky Lodge where a sauna, jacuzzi and great meal await us.  

  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast
  • Put up dog teams
  • 30 km dog sled tour across the Finnmark Mountain Plateau (time depends on the weather conditions)
  • Pack dog trailer and equipment
  • Transport from mountain to Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
  • On the way back to Holmen we’ll make time for a visit at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. After a tour through the hotels selection of ice and snow carving, we’ll enjoy a lunch as the Sorrisniva Restaurant.
  • Return all the huskies to their original kennels
  • Arctic dining experience at Trasti & Trine. Johnny Trasti is the head, hand and heart behind most of the gourmet artistry and flavourful experiences that you get at Trasti & Trine. With over 30 years of culinary practice, he has developed the knowledge and instinct for crafting unique flavours made from local ingredients. He is relentless in his search for the perfect meal, the best ingredients and the most head-spinning flavours. Dining at his restaurant you get the true taste of Finnmark. (Transport included)
  • Jacuzzi & sauna

Day 4

  • Check out
  • 08:00-10:00 Breakfast
  • Transport from Holmen to Alta City Centre or Alta Airport (Not included)

Included activities:

  • 60-minute dog sled tour by the Alta river
  • 2 x 30 km dog sled tour over Beskades, Finnmark Mountain Plateau
  • Overnight stay in a mountain lodge
  • Visit at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
  • Lunch at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
  • Dinner at Trasti & Trine
  • Jacuzzi & Sauna


4-day experience in Lavvo

  • Single - 14340 NOK per person
  • Double - 13000 NOK per person

4-day experience in Dome

  • Double - 14100 NOK per person

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