Tipi Bungalow


At Holmen Husky Lodge, we want you to feel close to nature and none of our accommodations get you closer than our Tipi Bungalows. Here you can watch the wonders of nature from the comforts of a soft and warm double bed. Large windows, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, almost make you feel like you are sleeping outdoors. There is no better place to watch the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

The design is steeped in history, from the Sami lavvus to the tipis of the Native American tribes. These indigenous peoples dressed branches in animal skin and shaped a structure ideal for sleeping and keeping warm around a fire. Our tipis are made from wood, with a wood burning stove that keeps you warm even on the coldest nights.

Toilet and shower facilities:

There are no shower or toilet facilities in the Tipi itself. At Holmen Husky Lodge we want our guests to experience a life closer to nature. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to do your business in the forest. We have modern toilet and shower facilities, but you have to walk a couple of meters to get to them. The same goes for eating or relaxing at our main lodge.

We want our guests to experience a different life, where everything is not just readily available. Nature feels much closer if you have to step into fresh air whenever you have to eat, shower or use the toilet. Don’t fight it; embrace it. When will you ever experience something like this again?


From NOK 950,-

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