Arctic Dome Suite

Season: 30. April - 1. December

Our Arctic Dome Suite is sure to take your breath away. It is our most luxurious accommodation by far, having both its own bathroom and private sauna to enjoy. However, it is the dome that is the bedroom that really makes it stand out. While our Tipi Bungalows also have large windows, the Dome has both a panorama wall and a large window ceiling. It is safe to say; watching the stars or Northern Lights has never been easier.

Sitting at the edge of our property, it also enjoys the best view of the surrounding nature. Two comfy chairs sit by the window, allowing space for both good conversations and time to just sit and watch the beauty around you. It is the perfect place to escape and relax – or enjoy each other’s company.

Toilet and shower facilities: Private bathrooms with both shower and toilets facilities inside the Dome.

Bonus: Private sauna

Price per adult (Single Occupancy): 2000 NOK

Price per adult (Double Occupancy): 1500 NOK

Season: 30. April - 1. December

Included: Overnight stay in Tipi Arctic Dome Suite, Breakfast

Not available: 1. December - 30. April - in this period accommodation is only included in our packages

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